Find, explore, and bookmark immigration law and procedure with Immigration!

Immigration lawyers and practitioners in the United States frequently consult two sources of law and two sources of procedure: the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), the Eighth Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), the Immigration Court Practice Manual, and the Board of Immigration Appeals Practice Manual. These sources of law and procedure are available in books and on websites, but books and websites have shortcomings as immigration-law-and-procedure references.

Books are heavy, particularly when being lugged to court, and they are slow or impossible to search for specific words or phrases. Many book versions of the CFR deemphasize the hierarchical nature of that Code, making it difficult to find deeply nested subsections such as 8 CFR § 204.1(a)(5)(i). One may "bookmark" frequently consulted sections of books with adhesive tabs, but adhesive tabs fall out. Book versions of the CFR often use tiny, difficult-to-read typefaces. Some websites are easy to search for specific words or phrases, but websites may not allow bookmarking of specific subsections, and websites require Internet connectivity. Books and websites share the problem that they usually do not indicate which INA sections correspond to which CFR sections. These correspondences are important. An attorney reading the INA section about adjustment of status, for example, would want to see the corresponding section of the CFR because both are controlling on immigration courts and federal agencies.

Immigration, an app for iPhones, iPads, and iPods, addresses the shortcomings of books and websites as references by providing easy access to the four sources of law and procedure named above. Users can easily navigate to specific subsections with a few taps. Users can quickly search for specific words or phrases, seeing each subsection that contains them. For example, a search for "visa petition" in the CFR immediately reveals 95 subsections containing that phrase. Users can apply named bookmarks to any subsection and easily navigate these bookmarks. Users can jump between corresponding INA and CFR sections, for example INA § 240B and 8 CFR § 240.25, which both concern voluntary departure. Users can set font size based on their devices' Dynamic Type setting or app-specific preference. Immigration does not require Internet connectivity once installed.

Immigration receives regular updates to reflect changes in the four sources of law and procedure.

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